Sakon Thai Restaurant

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If you are in the Philippines and you are somewhere in the vicinity of the South Luzon tollway in Sta Rosa, Laguna you might have seen the Sakon Thai Restaurant at the Total Gas station. This is a Thai restaurant owned and operated by my cousin Eric. According to my cousin, he started with just one cart at a mall and he did everything: from cooking, to dish-washing, marketing and management. Through sheer hard work and determination, he has expanded his cart to a sit-down restaurant. Now, he no longer works by himself but has hired cooks and other staff to help him run the place. My uncle Boy, his father, sometimes works there to help out if he needs an extra hand. Knowing how good a cook my uncle Boy is, I am sure that Sakon Thai offers the best quality food you can buy for your money.

I look forward to visiting my cousin's restaurant when we visit the Philippines but in the meantime, I will just have to contend myself at looking at his photo menu which looks so temptingly good.


WoW! It looks awesome and the food menu looks so yummy....

I love Thai food!
I will definitely visit the place .

Can I steal this post to add to my blog? Advertise for Eric LOL!


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