New England Fall In The Air...

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Woke up this morning and there was a strong chill in the air. We didn't turn the air-conditioning on and only have one window open throughout the house, but boy! it really did make me freeze this morning. It's September and this time of the year it's expected that after summer comes fall. Too bad, that summer here in the Northeast is too short you wont even know that it has come and gone.

I always have mixed feelings about "Fall"... hard to say why... maybe it's because I'm not too excited about the cold weather while my husband loved it. I don't mind cool temperatures and the slow transition from 75 to 60 degrees.... but please, like I've said slowly. I really am not happy to be basking in nearly 90 degrees one day and then waking up the next day in 35 degrees Fahrenheit... no exaggeration here! I've lived here in Massachusetts now since 1991 and my body still gets shocked from weather changes. I guess once a tropical animal.... always a tropical animal. I envy those birds who can migrate to the South where warmer climes are abundant and just come back to the East in the spring and stay thru summer.

Time to take out the winter clothes which I haven't really stashed or hidden away up in some attic like most people do here since I don't follow rules about proper dressing... I have my own set of rules which have raised some eyebrows from some people I know.

The things I love about fall though is the foliage which fortunately takes place in my neck of the woods, apple picking, cider donuts, blooming mums of varied colors, it looks like candy and a visit to the Cider Hill farm in Amesbury.


hello po. its been awhile since i last bloghopped. missed the fun!

i love the picture today.. :)

just dropping by to say hello.. hoping you still remember moi. :)

have a great day!

Thanks Tina for the comment. Of course, I do still remember you. Am happy that you are doing well in your chosen career.


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