Vietnam's Traditional Water Puppets

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It was indeed a wonderful experience to watch a traditional and truly unique puppet show from Vietnam. This was hosted by the Asian-American Studies Program at UMass-Boston last April 26, 2007 and performed by the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre. What was truly unique about this puppet show was that it was staged on "water". Of course, most of us are familiar with puppet shows done on a wooden platform/stage, behind a tarp or curtain like shadow puppets, puppets being pulled by strings or standing on poles or sticks.

Reading the brochure that they provided, it is mentioned that water puppetry started in the Hatay province. This particular show was brought by Chu Luong who has been working hard to bring this art around the world as a way of showing people Vietnam's way of life.

For several minutes, everyone watching was transfixed on the water stage and we all became like eager children watching our first animated show. The show depicted Vietnam's way of life; their day to day activities like farming, fishing and they also tell stories of their favorite myths and legends.

Every country have their own way of sharing their culture to the world whether it be in songs, music, dance, and story-telling. It is my hope that there will be a way to share this unique puppet theatre to a wider audience to gain more exposure and interest. This will surely beat the other entertainment experiences that our kids are being bombarded with nowadays.

I hope that you enjoy the pictures.

2007 - Vietnam's Water Puppets



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