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If the TV show "Grey's Anatomy" have their own Dr. McDreamy, then the world of alternative medicine has its own ADAM mcDREAMyHEALER.

Saturday, May 5th 2007, I finally met Adam also known as the "Dreamhealer". Together with my husband and mother, we attended his workshop held at the Sheraton Hotel in Newark , New Jersey. Anybody interested in energy healing would know who he is or would have heard about him. He is a remarkable young man and I would say that in today's spiritual age, he represents a different side of healing modality. For most of us, the only healing processes we know about are the doctors, nurses, hospitals, pills, etc. that we have encountered. However, other healing processes are slowly making its way back to the public's consciousness and it has peaked the interest of people looking for other ways to cure themselves; spiritual healing, crystal healing, naturopathy, allopathy, etc.

Remarkably, these are not new ways of healing but has been practised hundreds even thousands of years by our ancestors and was only pushed back or ignored after medicine evolved in a totally different direction. However, because of certain setbacks that are now being experienced with our modern medical practices more and more people are looking back and doing their own research thus becoming more knowledgeable towards their own healing processes.

Adam practices and teaches "energy healing". Energy healing is working with the energy field in order to balance or align what is otherwise an imbalance energy field which can subsequently create illness or disease if not corrected.

Anyone interested to learn more about Adam and his work would be better off if they read his books. He has published 3 so far:

He also has a DVD which is a very good companion to the books that he has since it will give you a better idea of how to go about with your visualizations which plays a very integral part of the healing process. It has also captured the essence of his teachings thus making it a very valuable tool for him and for the individual learning how to heal themselves.

Since Adam with the help of his family tries to lead a normal life, he has figured out a way to help more people without sacrificing his own personal needs and desire to live life to the fullest and not be tied down with major responsbilities. Hey! we can't blame him... he's only 21 years old and still needs to live. By giving out workshops, he would be able to personally reach out to more people and guide them thru the process of visualizations that will help them with their healing. He constantly reminds the audience that they should be proactive in their own healings so as to facilitate the process.

Right now, he is a college student studying "Molecular Biology". This goes to show that this young man is serious about his gifts and is trying to use it in such a way to benefit humanity in the best way that he can; by helping them help themselves...


Am impressed!!! You've picked-up almost all stuff he wanted the world to know. "A+" will be reflected in your report card.

im also into alternative medicine. hehe :P maganda ito..

and most of the alternative healing are old practices... na nalimutan ng tao. hehe

Tina, I am sure that you will appreciate Adam more and what he does after you read his story and understand what he is trying to do as a healer.


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