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2007 - Nashville, TN

My husband and I were in Nashville, Tennessee the week of April 15th - 20th. I did represent our office in a users forum and also I had a one day training for our office's software program. Nashville is known for its country music radio where you can find the "Grand Ole Opry"

It was an eye-opening experience for me since I am not a technical person and this was all about our program/system in my place of work. However, I guess that in order for one to learn and make the best of one's job, it is necessary to be able to keep up and try to learn to be able to contribute to the workplace. Being proactive ensures the worker that they have a place in their world of work and somehow helps them gain a certain security and stability needed to maintain a healthy relationship with their bosses and their co-workers.

I have posted some photos taken in the city of Nashville.


nice picturesss!! Glad you had a productive time there..

Yes Tina, we had a grand time at Nashville.


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