A Green Camera... oh my!

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Finally, I got my own digital camera and what made me more excited was that the color is "green". Now, how many times would you see someone use a green camera, ha? It's not like we didn't have any digital cameras at home, in fact, we have 2 of them. However, they were my daughters' cameras and since they're both living in dorms, I don't have one to use anytime I need one.

But joy of joys, now I have one and in time for my b-day too next month... happy,happy, joy... joy!!!

Here are several photos that I took of my husband (dressed to the nines for a very important forum) and daughter, Karrol, this morning before she left for the Regis College Chamber Singers and Glee Club trip to Portugal.

So now, when you see me taking your photo, give me your biggest smile and say "GREEN".


aww what a nice green camera.. i wish i have something like that only in color pink!! hehe sooo unique.. and lovely..

napadaan lang, link ex? xe nka link ex ka skn eh...


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