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Since I haven't been blogging religiously like I used to, my blog friend, Tina, said that I must be caught up in "real life".

In today's world of fast-paced, up-to-the-minute information explosion, I didn't think that I would be missed if ever I did neglect to update my blog. Thank God! that I don't do this for a living cause I would surely starve. But come to think of it if I did this for some sort of a reward I would have to be dragging myself to the computer all the time no matter what just because this happens to be real life for me.

My so called real life consist of an 8 hour job, Monday thru Fridays. The commute can be a killer in some ways but Idon't have to complain since my husband is very much a good driver and I am brought to work safe and sound except for the occasional "other crazy drivers" that you encounter on the highway. And of course, I can be a "nag" sometimes when we would be on a near collision with another car. I guess most of the time my hubby prestends not to hear me so that we don't end up in a battle.

Both our 2 daughters are now both in college and my husband and I are very fortunate to have 2 girls who are good kids and try their best not to make life difficult for us. Though, we occasionally have our misunderstandings, still it is not the kind that we would get to the point of hating each other. Them staying in their dorms has made it a heartwarming experience everytime we meet up.

I can't complain much about work either because even though it isn't what I pictured myself to be doing, I have been comfortable enough to stay as long as I can and has considered the pros outweighs the cons. Besides, this April 15th - 20th, I'll be in Nashville, Tennessee to attend a Users Forum for our office. Who knew that I would be representing our office in a conference that revolves around "technical stuff"? This is very much a long shot from my very own educational training which is in the field of Psychology. But I guess, that in "real life" you might end up with something else that you were not trained for in the first place.

In short, real life may not always turn out the way you planned it. Real life might even bring you to places and situations which are not even comprehended in your wildest dreams. However, real life can also be a surprise waiting to happen and somehow your life turns to be alright...

Real life happens whether we go thru life fully conscious of what we are doing and making the choices which we deem necessary for us or if we just go thru the motion just because we don't have any other option. But whatever our reality is, make no doubt about it, we do have the option and the choice based on our free will.

Photo taken one wintry day outside of Border's bookstore in downtown Boston, Massachusetts.


Just like my mom.. hehe "nag" my dad when it comes a would-be-near-collision.

I soo agree with you... we all have the option... in every situation in our real life.. we always make a choice... and those choices are based on our "free will".

Anyway.. Be Blessed!! Stay HAPPY :)

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