All That Jazz at Regis College

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The Regis Dance Company held their dance concert for 2007 last February 17th. My daughter, Karrol, had a good time this year even though she only had one number(a hip-hop dance number to the tune of Missy Elliot's "We Run This"). She wanted to do more dances but since her glee club is also in constant practice in preparation for their trip to Portugal this March 9th, she couldn't possiblye devote more time to it.

We did have a good time watching the girls do their thing and I am happy that Karrol has taken our advise to make the most of her college life by being proactive not only in her academics but also in her extra-curricular activities.

I believe that it is heartwarming to watch your children perform or do something creative in their lives. I notice that during the performance, there were girls(or ladies, I should say) who were really great dancers. Others were better as choreographers than performers and still some who were just there for the fun of it.

My husband and I applaud the effort and the time that these women had spent for such a memorable event in their lives. This is one chapter in their lives that would be worth sharing to the future generation.

Break a leg, ladies!!!


the event sounds nice.. im sure you had fun seeing them on stage. :)


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