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Today, Valentine's Day, while my husband had to shovel snow (this is the first significant snow storm this winter), I spent my late afternoon watching a very nice "indie" movie entitled "Sabah". Though the movie's plot is a common storyline the perspective shown here is from the Arab culture.

To summarize, Sabah just turned 40 yrs. old but is very unfulfilled because though living in a Western country, Canada, the family still practices their strict culture especially under the control of her brother, Majid. Unbeknownst to Majid, his birthday gift(an old and forgotten photograph of Sabah as a young girl with her Dad on the beach) would kindle and revive her passion for swimming. When Sabah finally summoned the courage to go swimming in the local public pool, she met Stephen, who would turn her world upside down.

What I really found cute in this movie was that with the obsession for western standards of beauty, though Sabah finally relented to dying her hair, wearing red lipstick and provocative dresses when meeting with Stephen, she never pluck her "eyebrows". But nevertheless, Stephen, look past into that and loved her for who she is.

A very insightful review of the movie is given by Angela Hawkey and you can read it here.

Watch the movie if you can and hopeless romantics will be rewarded with a movie that was done with intelligence, heart, soul and humour.


sounds like a verry nice movie..


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