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Karrol's glee club dressed up for Halloween '06 and this year she bought this Gretel costume but decided to represent herself as the Ricola (the cough drops) girl instead to match with the club's theme. She even had concocted a slogan, which for the life of me I couldn't remember (senior moment na naman!). But anyways, even if she didn't win the grand prize of a bag of candies for the "Best Costume" award, she benefitted from her Ricola cough drops (and also the other girls asked for some later on) coz she developed a sore throat after eating all those candies freely given and handed out in school. She knows very well that if she eats chocolates/candies more than she should, her tonsils would flare up. Kaya ayun for several days, she didn't have a voice. Mahirap talaga ang matakaw sa tsokwate!!!!



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