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I was at Borders Bookstore yesterday and as my usual practise after visiting the bargain section of the store, I veered myself towards the cds and dvds to see whats new in the store. Most of the time I'd listen to the latest music cds to come out and I think that this is one very cool marketing strategy that has proven a succes commercially so that potential buyers can listen to the music offerings in a cd before making the decision to purchase. Most of the time, I had to contain myself from dancing 'lest I cause a commotion and people thinking that I might have a seizure or something. I just had to contend with bobbing my head with a little shoulder movement. Wish I had the ability to move my head forward and backward, left side - right side the way that others can when they're "walking like an Egyptian". Youngest daughter, Dominique, can easily do such tricks.

Anyways, I listened for awhile to A.B. Quintanilla's new CD "A.B. Quintanilla III Presents From Kumbia Kings to Kumbia AllStarz".
The first selection which is aptly titled "intro" almost gave me a strong urge to dance... Thank God! I remembered that I had 2 single daughters whose future marriage potentials would be affected if I did such kind of behavior in public.... Ayoko namang tumandang dalaga ang mga anak ko, no?

I went to the Jazz section next and George Duke's new release (?) popped out. Hmmm! it's been awhile since I've listened to pareng George. So for this week, I've decided to feature him here. Two of my faves; Shine On and Sweet Baby are on top of the playlist but this doesn't lessen the value of the other songs.

George Duke playlist:
  • Shine On
  • Sweet Baby
  • Dukey Stick
  • Every Little Step I Take
  • Just For You
  • Lady
  • Searching My Mind
  • Starting Again
  • Movin' On
  • Life and Times
A lot of the songs here are mellow, nice music to listen to while you're in a sweet mood. So after dinner, light up the fireplace, serve your best wine, crank up the music and cuddle up with your significant other and talk sweet nothings..... If you don't have anything to say, let the "Duke" do the talking thru his music.


I dont exactly know them.. or tried listening to one of their songs.. but i might as well try. Since it's just mellow and all that. :)

I understand, Tina. You weren't probably born yet when some of his music came out. If you come to discover jazz music later on, he's one artist to listen to...


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