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During the Columbus Day weekend, Dominique brought home 3 of her new friends and schoolmates home for a long weekend stay. Since all of them were from out of state; Krista (California), Alexis (Arizona) and Amy (West Virginia), they were all excited to see Boston and do some winter clothes shopping.

We were excited and at the same time apprehensive since this is the first time we are hosting people to stay with us who are not family or relatives. However, my daughter reassurred us that her friends were kinda ok and are not too picky either with food so we made dishes for them at home that reflected our culture.

For their first night dinner at our house, my husband made pancit (Chinese noodles), my mother cooked adobo (well-known Filipino dish) and also fried Lumpiang Shanghai (Filipino Spring Rolls). I made Buko salad (young Coconut and fruit cocktail with heavy cream) for dessert. I believe that dinner was a success considering the way they ate and like my daughter said we didn't have any problem feeding them since they are not afraid to try anything.

The next few days my husband would make them healthy breakfast complete with blueberry pancakes, omelettes, mix fruits, french toasts, hot chocolate/or milk and fruit juices. Since most of them wake up later, food was more of brunch than breakfast. They also like the "leche flan" (custard) that my eldest daughter, Karrol, made. Other desserts that we got for them were the Filipino ice cream "Magnolia" (Ube and Mango flavors) paired with barquillos that they eat late at night while watching TV.

They also had the opportunity to go to the outlets in Kittery, Maine to do some shopping for winter stuff since they weren't able to find things they like here in Boston. Unfortunately, I missed the shopping since we all couldn't fit in our Jeep Liberty.

All in all, it was a nice group of friends that Dreya had because their personalities blended well with each other. During the time that they were here, sometimes while watching TV, they would also knit scarves, and talk about whatever young girls like to talk about.

By the way, on their first night here, Dreya also invited one of her close friends in highschool, Jessica for a sleepover and also to meet her other friends.



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