Riverfront Festival at Newburyport, Massachusetts

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The coastal town of Newburyport, Massachusetts is one place that I always love to visit. This place is so lively and bustling with visitors especially during the summer months. It is also teeming with restaurants (ummm... seafood) and quaint little shops offering anything and everything you could imagine. It never fails that I would always discover something new in the shops which you won't be able to find in big malls and I guess this is where the appeal lies. Also, a walk thru the boardwalk overlooking the Atlantic ocean is something that you can enjoy if you get tired of shopping and just want to get away from all the crowd.

Last Saturday, the 8th of July, the town had a free concert headlined by Sonya Kitchell, the Subdudes and Shawn Mullins.

The very first performer is a young lady named Sonya Kitchell, who is at the age of seventeen already an accomplished musician and singer. She has been compared to Joni Mitchell and Norah Jones but her rich voice is all her own. Her songs speak of maturity beyond her age. If you haven't had the chance to hear her yet, visit her website at
and listen to her song "Let Me Go" and you'll know what I meant by her having a rich voice.

"The Subdudes" followed Sonya and they did bring the house down with their funky music. I first heard them thru our morning commute radio listening singing their latest song called "Papa Dukie and the Mud People". My husband and I got hooked and when we learned that they were playing at Newburyport months ago, we made sure that we were gonna be there to see them sing live. We weren't disappointed for they brought the house down with their soulful, groovy and melodious type of music. Another song that I like is "Social Aid & Pleasure Club". You can also listen to some of their music at . My husband, Doms, was surprise to know that the 'dudes were actually old dudes. He said that he thought that they were young. Well, hey! they were still good and can give any other dudes a run for their money.

The last performer, Shawn Mullins, has a voice that can melt your heart. I love his latest song "Beautiful Wreck" and another one called "Lullaby". What more can I say but you can find out more about him at

This was an afternoon well spent with families, friends and pets. The place was jampacked and judging from the reaction of the crowd, there was something for everybody to enjoy; music, food, shopping and a nice sea breeze. My husband and I hope to come back again next year or maybe even make a yearly trip for us.

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