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Last night was marathon reality show night for me and my hubby. We were going back and forth between watching the finale for both the"Amazing Race" and "America's Next Top Model" which both started at 8:00 P.M. Eastern time. ANTM was done after an hour but AR was 2 hours long and this overlapped with "Amercan Idol" result night at 9:00.
It can really get crazy going back & forth with these shows especially if you don't have control of the remote. Sometimes, my husband isn't quick enough to change channels so we'd miss some crucial scenes.

Well, it's not like we can't do anything about it... we have a PnP TV (picture in picture) that my husband bought in 1998 but unfortunately, 'til now, he still hasn't figured out how to use it. And he's suppose to be a jack of all trade... oh well! I guess you can't have it all. If there's anybody out there who's tech savvy enough, please give us advise on how to work the PnP. I don't know where our TV manual is. Haven't seen it since we moved in 1998 and then again in 2001.

My most favorite reality show is Amazing Race. I like it because it isn't as cut throat and not a lot of strategizing on making alliances cause your alliance is your partner who travels with you. I also love the places that they visit and travel to and these gives us a short glimpse of the culture and amazing sceneries. Unfortunately, the contestants don't stay long enough to enjoy and soak in all there is to see and experience. Well, anyway, you'd be able to do that later on...that is, if you end up being the million dollar winner.

For awhile there, we also were "Survivor" fans but lately, our interest has not been sustained. For me the best episode was the time they had Rupert in it. I was heartbroken when he was booted out on his first try but regained hope when he was included in the very next show, which was an all-star survivor show. And even though Rupert still didn't win in his second try, it was a great move by CBS and other sponsors of the show to have a public poll/vote as to who deserves another million dollar price. The guy I guess is so lovable that despite his looks, people can see through him and knows that he is really a nice guy.

Speaking of looks and being lovable, Taylor Hicks is another person who has endeared himself to a lot of audiences. He might look fatherly because of that mane of white hair but that hasn't lost his appeal. I'm also glad that he didn't color his hair when Simon suggested it to him. I guess, he was stubborn enough to stand his ground and let the audience decide. I know he might not have the best male voice among the contestants and I think that he also knows that but he has always performed to please his audience rather than impress the judges. If Taylor wins this year's AI, then he is the darkest horse ever...

I like Elliot Yamin too because I'm partial to jazz music. It's too bad, he can sometimes be dry that it shows in his performance.

Katherine McPhee has a very exceptional and versatile voice brought about by natural talent and further enhanced by vocal training from her mom. However, she can also be over the top in her performance as frequently expressed by the judges.

Next week's finale for AI would be interesting.... Abangan!!!



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