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The long-awaited movie, The Da Vinci Code, is finally showing and I can't wait to see it. We ordered tickets online for this Sunday's showing (May 22nd) just to be sure that the theater won't run out of tickets while waiting to buy ours . I'm not usually big on being first for anything that comes out... the first to buy the latest gadget or any other trend of the moment but I made a resolution to see this one ever since they made the announcement to film the book.

If Ron Howard remains true and as close to the storyline of the novel as he could possibly be, then it will be everything that I ever imagined it to be (and more!) while I was reading it. Dan Brown's book is full of wonderful descriptions of places, art and sceneries that your imagination can really run wild trying to picture it in your mind. And the best thing, too, is that most of these art and places are real and can be visited at will. No wonder, this has booned tourism for the past few years now for all the places mentioned in the book and has also launched a lot of writing careers on the subject or any other topics related to the book. But most of all, it has resurrected and brought into the forefront the earlier non-fiction books published before this novel but was completely ignored by mainstream readers.

The subject matter wasn't really a surprise to me while I was reading Da Vinci because, as an avid reader I have read books alluding to this relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene.
This topic has become a sore subject for the Catholic and Christian churches that every action is being done to ban, discredit, shame and take legal action against the book, the author and the movie.

It is my strong belief that if the Catholic and Christian faith is as strong and solid as they claim it to be, they should not be worried about it. Most of all, they should encourage the faithful flock to seek out the truth on their own rather than wait for the Sunday mass/service preaching. It is a big disservice and also a huge insult to our intelligence that they think that we cannot figure out things on our own and have to be sermoned at to learn about GOD.

And so, I have chosen to be a seeker of the my own time...on my own terms. It has brought me to places unknown and unfamiliar but yet my inner self tells me that I have been there before. My search is an on-going process and so far, I have learned that HEAVEN and HELL is like Yin and Yang, night and day, beautiful and ugly, etc... You can not know what good is without experiencing the bad... after the rain the sun is sure to follow. As long as we are alive, we will have to experience the polarities of life as we go on day by day. Eastern philosophies like Buddhism, Taoism and many more have always emphasize this in their teachings. Ever since I have learned of these teachings, I have closely followed it for it speaks to my inner sensibilities and idealism.

However, there are also a lot of philosophies that one can soak in their teachings like Emmanuel Swedenborg, Rudolph Steiner (Anthroposophy), Theosophy, Deepak Chopra, D.T. Suzuki, Thicht Nan Hanh, Masaru Emoto (Hidden Messages of Water), and so many more to mention. These are just some of the dogmas that has helped shape my spiritual path.

I will keep you posted tomorrow after we watch the movie...



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