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Last night eldest daughter, K, made dinner for us. Right now she is in a good mood so we try to make the most of it... Maka! we miss your cooking. Make something for us naman, oh!

She called me at work asking when my hubby and I would be home since she wants to have dinner ready by the time we get home. However, when we did get home, she was still halfway, prompting my youngest daughter D to say that her "Ate" couldn't join the Iron Chef challenge. Anyway, it was worth the wait. She made Spinach Souffle and another dish with Mushroom with a tomato sauce base. Needless to say, even though it was all vegetarian, everybody left the dinner table filled up. One thing I can say is that though we were full, it felt light on our stomach.

Unfortunately, we were already halfway thru dinner, when I remembered that we should have taken photos of her dishes that I could have shared here. Oh well! maybe next time...

Last night while surfing other blogs, I happen to stumble into one of the most creative and mind-boggling blogspots that I've seen so far,
This is a site hosted and owned by a Filipina. So many things to see and read, you don't even know where to start. But I guess the most important thing is she is true to her roots... giving us a glimpse of Filipino life as it is being lived and happening today. For some of us who haven't been back home to the Philippines, her site surely gives us a feel and connection that we so long to have.

I hope she wouldn't mind if I borrow some of her ideas.... Hmmm, with the rate I am going, that'll be years before I get the "wow" factor. Oh well, at least I'll be a hip grandma blogger... hahaha...

Actually, what inspired me to blogging was whenI was searching for authentic Pinoy recipes (you can "google" this), I got linked to several webpages and these webpages were also interconnected to each other. As I get to read them closely and not only copy their recipes, I finally realize that I had gotten myself in the world of bloggers who not only share or exchange recipes but also their lives, thoughts and photos. What a great way to share what's been going on in your life with your family and friends especially those who are on the opposite side of the world (heaven).

So, this is a good start for me and hopefully, I will be able to reach out to all of you at once. I know that I have been re-miss of responding back to my loved ones and friends' emails and I do sincerely apologize for that.


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wow sobrang natouch naman ako, thanks so much sa iyong pagsuporta sa aking blog. nainspire tuloy ako lalo. sobrang saya ko talaga maraming salamat. (^_^)



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