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It has been awhile since I have shared something here in my blog. I could attribute this to so many things happening in my life for the past months coupled with laziness (I guess...). But anyways, to start anew, let me share this prayer that I have been longing to share for some time now. This beautiful prayer was given to me by a very nice gentleman, Jim Ball, who used to be the manager for an office called "Office Supply" at the university where I work. He epitomized what a real gentleman is; soft-spoken, respectful to anyone he deals with and his manners were always impeccable. He's been long gone but he is one person whom I will not forget... Thank you, Jim!


(Say this prayer everyday,before you sleep at night and when you wake up in the morning. You may say it also anytime during the day when you have moments to relax and pray. Pray it with thought, feeling and faith - and you will start a flood tide of God's riches into your life. As you let this prayer sink into your consciousness and become part of your daily life,you'll see that all things will begin to work for your good. You will be prospered in ways you know not. Your needs will be met in perfect timing. You'll agree that God really cares.)  

God is my source of supply. He meets all my needs in perfect timing at all times and there is always a divine surplus.

His wealth now flows into my life - freely, tirelessly and endlessly. Everyday in every way, I am growing richer and richer. God's unlimited Good now comes to me in a flood of abundance!

I realize that money is good. I consider money as a symbol of God's unlimited Good, Love and Riches. And an instrument for good. Thus, I use it only to bless and prosper others.

Freely I receive and freely and joyously I give. For whatever good I give to others that will I also receive from life. And whatever I withhold to others, I withhold it to myself. And whatever I wish for others, I wish it for myself. Every good I sow, that will I also reap.

So, I sow only thoughts of prosperity, love, joy and generosity. I don't envy any man, for God has enough Riches for everyone. I wish riches for others, and riches will also flow to me.

I know I shall never want, for God is my true source of supply. And God is the only power. Nothing can challenge the Will and Love of God. My riches now come to me and nothing can delay their physical manifestation. Nothing can stop God's riches from circulating in my life. In his Goodness I do trust. All my debts are now paid. All my needs are now met. 

I now open my mind and myself to brilliant ideas that can lead me to wealth. God is opening opportunities for me to gain my share of his Riches. God is reaching out to people who can help and prosper me. God is guiding me in all my ways. I take Him as my partner and with God, I cannot fail.

With God, it is impossible for me to fail because one with God is a majority.
I put my trust and confidence in the Goodness, Love and Wisdom of God. His ways are sure and His methods are ingenious. God can and will make a way where there is no way.

I am a child of the RICHEST FATHER in the Universe. Yes, I am rich, for I am a child of a Rich God. I claim my share of God’s Riches now.

I ask, believe and claim that this is so. And it is now done in perfect order - in Jesus Christ's name. 

I praise and thank the Lord for the immediate manifestation of my good and riches NOW. Thank you, Father. Amen.



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