Holiday Greetings to All!

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It is exactly 1:07 A.M. Christmas morning... Hubby and I are still up trying not to sleep yet after a heavy dinner. All the fuss and the hustle of Christmas preparations are now behind us as we now turn our attention to a new year filled with hope and trepidations as to what it may bring us or lead us to.

To all who come and visit this site, my wish for us all is that we continue to have hope in our hearts for a brighter tomorrow and that we may all reach true enlightenment.

P E A C EL O V ET R U T H!!!


Dear, Serey!

I received your card very well.
I really appreciate this.
. Reading a card from faraway (


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Big hugs and lots of kisses to my daughter, Karrol, for re-designing my blogsite. She is responsible for making my blog look cool... If you want to check out her own blog, visit K-Dream Palace and her contributing articles at AATheory.