Wonder Girls in Boston

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Korea's number one girl group "Wonder Girls" will be the opening act for the Jonas Brothers' concert this Friday & Saturday, July 17th & 18th at the TD Bank North Garden in Boston. The girls were invited by one of the brothers to open for them in some of their concert shows in their 53 cities tour. Boston just happened to be one of them so when an opportunity for fans came up to meet with the girls, my daughter, Karrol, couldn't pass this up. If you want to see a 30 sec clip of her entry visit her site here. Today, Karrol got a call from the sponsors inviting her to attend their 2 day meet & greet together with other WG fans.

Watch their "Nobody" video here, if you still haven't seen it.

Of course, their popularity in Asia has spawned parodies, tributes and covers to this song but this one takes the cake for me... I just loved it! The guy can truly and seriously dance.



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