Wale's "Chillin" in Boston & DC

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I wouldn't have heard of this guy, Wale (wah-lay) if not for my good friend, Cisco Santiago. This time instead of being in the director's helm (Mighty Mystic's "Here I Am") Cisco's in several scenes (the club scene) in the MTV video made for Wale's song "Chillin". This song also features Lady Gaga and I think that this is a good move in order to appeal to more listeners. This video was filmed partly in Washington, DC and Massachusetts particularly in Chelsea (Broadway St), East Boston and this hip cool store called Bodega in Mass Ave., Boston. This store according to Yelpers has a secret entrance and if you're curious what it is, watch the video. If street clothes are your drift, then this is the store for you.

Anyways, back to the video here...

Here's a behind the scenes shoot if you're interested... you'll notice that Lady G had several outfit change but didn't make it to the cut. Instead, she ended up wearing this blue dress that looks like she was going to the prom which I believe is unlady-like of Gaga. Hmmmm, I wonder why??????



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