Tell Yourself by Clazziquai

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Clazziquai's recently released cd is called Mucho Punk. I don't know what the story behind the title and I am sure that anybody curious enough will find the answer somewhere out there. I've listened to the music in the cd and so far only one has really peaked my interest and this is track #4 entitled "Tell Yourself". All I can say is that this song could easily be identified as a Clazziquai song. My daughter just told me that some avid Clazziquai fans were disappointed because they didn't find much of the group's former identity in this new music. I don't blame them though, but I also have the artists' interest at heart for a change in the direction that they want to veer themselves into. Fans should allow this kind of exploration sometimes to give the artist enough reason to truly find themselves artistically. In the end, we the fans hope that they will eventually return to their roots.

Here's an MV of Tell Yourself which is my favorite so far. This is the Japanese version and they also have a Korean version which I have included here so you can listen to both versions.

Korean version

Either way, I love them both...



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