The North End: Boston's Little Italy

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I found this nice link to the North End in Boston which is known to be Boston's little Italy. I was searching for other notable restaurants in the area and discovered this link which is rather cool since it gives its viewer a street view of the North End. I thought that this was a brilliant move to draw people to this area and familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of Boston's little Italy.

Admittedly, we have only dined there once, at Antico Forno, last year to celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary. The North End is a haven for anything Italian and food lovers agree that most of the best Italian restaurants, bakeshops, pizzerias and food shops can be found here.

I guess that what really hindered us to try the North End was the parking situation and since there are a lot of comparable Italian restaurants elsewhere in and around Boston, and now in suburbia, we did not really feel the need to go to the North End.

However, with the "big dig" and the changes to the area that had been going on for years now behind them, I thought that it was time to give the area a try and see what has been transformed. We were not disappointed though, because it was more than we expected and it did improved the area. Though parking is still a problem but there's parking garages around the area and it does not hurt to walk from there to where you want to go in the North End.

It is worth a try especially if you would like to experience what the North End has to offer. Remember, this is where Mike's Pastry is where ex-President Bill Clinton gets his cannoli fix. So what are you waiting for???? Boston's Restaurant Week is almost here and I suggest that you look into the restaurants joining this yearly event and make your reservations.



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