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I finally succumbed to numerous requests or invites from family and friends to join Facebook. I've been trying to hold off on this since I feel that there's too much out there on the web and right now I feel that I'm "burned out" and have become uninterested... jaded perhaps?

Anyways, I'm there and hopefully, I'll be able to catch up in the life and times of people I know.

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Happy New Year to you ate Serey. =) *HUGS*

Tina my dear! How are you? Hope that you are well and in the best of health. Know what, I think that you didn't get the poster that you requested since I didn't get mine either... so to make up for this, let me know what book you'd like to get and I will get it for you. I think I still have your home address info with me. If not, I'll ask you later. So, ok just let me know if there's any book that you want so badly... I know that you like to read.

Thanks for remembering me as always! I'm still here on the web though sporadically... Also, if you're in facebook, just send me an invite :-)

Take care as always!

Ate Serey


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