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I discovered Ellie Crystal's website in 1995. That was also the time when our office finally converted to PCs and work has never been the same. Working as a switchboard operator during that time, the way to pass the time in between calls was either read a book or do other stuff that can while away the boredom.

The PC was heaven sent especially to me and I really learned a lot. Crystalinks was one of the sites that blew me away. For one, Ellie talked about things that interest me most: metaphysics, the occult, spirituality, etc... Her site contains a wealth of information drawn not only from her rich knowledge but most of all from her personal experiences. Her story is so fascinating that I was drawn to it and since she adds new content to her site everyday I made it a point to visit so that I could learn more of what she has to impart. Her site opened doors for me and helped enhanced my growing interest. She would also direct her readers to other notable websites that is worth spending your time with. Through her blog, my awareness of the world that I know of and the hidden world has expanded and I have reached new levels of understanding due to her empowering teachings.

Now, Ellie will be seen on the History channel's latest offering called "Lost Book of Nostradamus". This 2-hour television event will premier on Sunday, October 28th. Ellie will be one of the resource persons that the show invited to share their expertise. Although, Ellie has had other shows before (see her bio for more info) and though she gets millions of hits on her site everyday, this show will make her more visible and reach millions.



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