Karrol's Cap & Gown Ceremony

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As a school tradition at Regis College, every year a few short weeks after the start of the schoolyear, Regis would have their hoop rolling and cap and gown ceremony to fire up the seniors spirits and give them the feeling that this is their last year in school. Every senior is ask to participate by getting their hoops and decorate it in ways that they want to do. To cap the ceremony... the seniors have a contest where they roll their decorated hoops down the hill near the home of the college's president. After the contest, they give out awards to the winner of the person who got to the finish line first and then there are other awards given out to the most creative, the most college spirit and another one that I don't remember for now.

It was a blast watching these girls play like little kids again which, I am sure that they haven't done this for awhile. The hoop rolling was followed by a cap and gown ceremony in the school auditorium which also honored some girls who are active participants in extra-curricular activities and leadership programs.

Karrol, and I'm sure the rest of the seniors were all excited since this gets them to the realization that they are nearing their goal... College Graduation! Whoopee!!!


wow this one is fun and a good way to encourage and inspire senior students


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