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Imelda Marcos will always be remembered for her extravagance and colorful personality. Her rise to fame and fortune validates the childhood stories told to us by our parents when we were young and innocent, that fairy tales do come true. However, this tale does not have a glorious ending. She has been a symbol of a kleptocracy that has swept the Philippines since her husband, Ferdinand, was elected president in the early '60s and sadly, still continued with the dubious presidency of Joseph Estrada from 1998 - 2001.

Whenever Imelda's name is mentioned, it will always bring to mind her thousand pairs of shoes which I kid you not is true since a few days after the whole family hastily left the country, the new government in the country decided to have an open house in Malacanang so that the public would have the chance to see what was only talked about in gossips and by those in the know.

Her propensity for shoes has been fodder for jokes through the years and now here are 2 you tube videos showing her as a "working maid". I found these videos hilarious and hits you in the funny bone... However, there are some people who found it rather offensive and demeaning to the Filipinos and the nation as well. Please people! This was only meant as a joke and a parody of someone's colorful character. Since when did Filipinos lose their joie de vivre? Aren't Filipinos known for their great sense of humor? Don't we usually laugh at ourselves most of the time? This vital characteristic has made us survive the hardships (political and natural) that we have to endure and made us resilient people, thus, creating a Filipino persona that is well-liked, loved and appreciated wherever we are in the world?

The Filipinos need not worry. No amount of character assassination of infamous Filipinos would in any way hurt the individual since we know that our own individual personalities are far beyond these character portrayals. It is time to move on. The Marcoses may have plundered the country and it may take a while for us to get back on our feet again but they have never taken away our spirit which defines us as Filipinos; strength of character, hard-working, hospitable, strong religious faith and family ties and most of all optimistic. We all (whether living in the Philippines or abroad) are in this together to make our country become prosperous again so let us start looking at the bright side to find ways and means to uplift our country and our fellowmen.

Another parody is from the "On The Television" series which can be viewed here. Don't miss this one.



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