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Karrol filling up an application form.

Waiting under the hot sun.

Karrol forwarded thru email last Friday, the 10th, an announcement about a casting call to be held Saturday for a new movie to be filmed mostly in Boston. The movie is "Bachelor 2" starring funny man, Dane Cook, and funny girl, Kate Hudson.

Though this seems like a long shot, but we did go the next day for Karrol to submit her application. My husband and I were also curious as to how they go about the process of casting people for movies, tv shows, commercials, etc... that we really didn't mind chaperoning our daughter.

Thankfully, the lines weren't as bad as when you see the auditions for American Idol. They didn't have to fill a whole stadium of aspiring performers. The line was only a block from the office, Boston Casting Call. At least we didn't have to wait that long, only about an hour and a half before she finally got into the building and in front of the casting directors.

Meanwhile my husband and I amused ourselves by people watching... First thing that I notice was that there were also a lot of elderly people auditioning (going back to the casting notice, it said that they are looking for talents 18 - 75 years old). No wonder! There were people of different ages, sizes, and looks. For some reason, I always think that these auditions were just meant for the tall, good-looking, and the youthful.

I was proven wrong when we saw all kinds of people auditioning; young and old, thin and very healthy, beautiful and some are facially challenged. You can pick out the veteran auditioners from the first-timers simply by their familiarity with other auditioners and their body language. Most of them exude an air of self-confidence like they already got the part or got in as an extra. Usually, the professional auditioners are part of the actors union where members' rights are protected and represented. Union auditioners usually can just go in and submit their resumes. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that they will get the part since I believe that everybody has to go through the actual audition process later on.

Some came prepared with their "Glamour Shots" photos making them really look so good and photogenic and very appealing. One came without any photo nor resume with her but was just there to chaperon a friend and just as a spur of the moment thing ended up submitting an application, too.

You can tell that the veterans feel that this is just another day while the neophytes look so starry-eyed and hopeful.



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