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I have taken to reading once again. For awhile there, this favorite hobby of mine had to take a back seat for several reasons. One, I was always tired and spent a lot of time relaxing (sleeping to be exact). Two, when I started blogging, most of my time was spent on the internet; surfing and browsing other blogs (to get ideas most of the time). And last but not the least, I lost my motivation...

However, lately thru serendipitous events, I have been drawn to some subject matters that has been of interest to me for sometime now. So, in order to satisfy my inner curiosity I once again delve into my stack of books and look for something that is calling to me.

My daily read from Crystalinks blog has pointed me towards the "subterranean world". Alec Maclellan's "The Lost World of Agharti" and Nicholas Roerich's "Shamballah" were seemingly beckoning to me to be read.



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