100 Great Wonders of the World

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I had the chance to browse at MIT's Coop Bookstore last week trying to kill time to wait for my husband and daughter after office hours. Before you think that I was playing hookie from work that day, I had to leave work early just so I can make it to my doctor's appointment. Well that explains it... but back to my story, I was again checking their bargain book section and found this book (the last copy I think) "100 Great Wonders of the World".

I thumb through the heavily illustrated book and went gaga over the beautiful and amazing photos of the worlds great wonders. Published by Barnes & Noble, this book is all about 100 of the most wonderful and awesome wonders of the world that are either man-made or natural as selected by its editors. Even though there are more that a hundred great wonders in the world, this book still offers the kind of wonderment that will wow any reader. The book is divided into the seven continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, Central and South America, Australia and Oceania and last but not the least, Antarctica.

I had to buy the book since it gave me more ideas where my husband and I could go after retirement. The more I flipped through its pages the more it fueled my desire to travel given the opportunity later on. If you ever see this book in your local library, borrow it or better yet, if you find the book in your favorite bookstore, buy it cause it's worth keeping a copy in your private collection.

I will try to blog about these great wonders to be able to share with you what the world has to offer.



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