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If you haven't seen Russell Peters perform his stand-up comedy yet, you are missing a lot. He is one of the funniest comedian around and is for sure a rising star. Latest news about him is that he now moved to Hollywood and will soon star in his own TV show. Peters describes himself as a South East Asian (India) who grew up and was raised in Ontario, Canada.

His kind of comedy is deeply rooted in something that is close to home... his family, his community, his culture and his motherland (India). However, because of his travels abroad, his act has included his experiences and observations of the countries that he has visited. He is much like Margaret Cho (Korea), John Leguizamo (Puerto Rico), Paul Rodriguez (Mexico) and other unknown and undiscovered talents whose keen observations of everyday life make it appear that life is funny. However, what sets him apart from the rest is the man is a genius not only for the kind of comedic material that he comes up with but he is also great at doing accents.

One of our student employees, Anish, shared this 45 mins. show called "Uncensored" about 4 years ago. I thought that this was one hilarious act and I really loved it. One thing about his act is that you can easily relate to what he is saying.

You can just imagine, how happy I was when I saw this show posted on youtube. This was on Russel's website for sometime but after a while it was taken out.

So for 45 mins. don't try to do anything. Just watch the show and laugh out loud. You won't regret it... Thank you zeeshan for sharing.



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