KARMA, "It's Everywhere You're Going To Be"

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Last Friday, April 6th, my husband and I were at the South Station bus depot in Boston waiting for my daughter, Dominique, to arrive from Northampton. We park behind this SUV with a single sticker at the back which caught my eye. The logo looked like a VISA card logo only this time it was change to KARMA. Whereas VISA commercial says 'it's everywhere you want to be' the KARMA sign states that "it's everywhere you're going to be".

For people familiar with KARMA, this will give a smile on one's face because we knowingly are aware of how Karma works wherever you are... in the here, now and the beyond. It is the only way that the Universe can balance what may seemingly look and feel like a chaotic and unbalance world. So hold on and prepare yourself for a wild ride. You won't leave home without it... KARMA, that is!


yup.. it works... and it goes wherever we are..

what you give is what you get

Very insightful!!!


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