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I've been wanting to blog about Happy Slip Productions since I've seen her video from ituloy ang sulong's blog last November. However, since it got too hectic for me and what with the holidays also taking my attention, I really didn't have the time and the energy to do some blogging. Today, however, I just got me a message (I'm a subscriber, mind you of her site) that she has a new video out and I thought that it is high time that I blog about her.

For you who haven't had the opportunity to discover her site yet, Happy Slip Productions, Christine is a one woman wonder (I suppose) where she video blogs about her Filipino family and tries to showcase her acting talent by creating scenarios (soap operas, comedic situations, etc...) and now with the latest video, she also showed us that she can sing and play the piano too.

I think I like Christine better than that other girl blogger (#$@^&*& at 15 or something) because "lonelygirl 15" seemed creepy to me. Besides she didn't look 15 to me and then after awhile a lot of people made comments how it looked all fake. And surely enough, she finally came out of the video closet and admitted that she's an actress and her blog was created all along by professionals. I only viewed that blog once and I didn't bother going back to her so-called continuing saga of teen-age angst. The latest I've heard is that AI idol finalist, Katherine McPhee is even guesting on her video blog so it seems that they're still at it...

With Happy Slip however, you get a lot of laughs and even her boo-boos (technical stuff) on screen are taken into account so you'll know that she doesn't have any professional help at all.

Her videos were also given a review by YT Reviews(an unofficial review) and you can watch it here.

And here is the very first video that I've watched from her titled "Morning Meest". This is hilarious, I get a kick out of it everytime I watch it. Enjoy!!!


Her video is fun. And she has anice voicee... :p


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