Time Magazine's "Person of the Year, 2006"

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WHO KNEW? Who knew that we'd all make it to the cover of Time Magazine's yearly pick for "Person of the Year". For the year 2006, the magazine decided to honor each and everyone of us who are involved and are active participants in the world of web information. These explosion of web activities has given all of us a voice and a venue to express our once voiceless selves. Nowadays, information can be obtained from anywhere in the world from the naive to the highly sophisticated. Everyone has a story to tell and surely captive readers as well.

I found out that it is highly therapeutic and most of all a way to reach out to others, known and unknown... familiar and unfamiliar. Let's give ourselves a pat in back for being part of the revolution.

Don't forget to get your copy of Time Magazine. I'm going to get mine now...


this is a very interesting issue of TIME MAGAZINE. specially the cover.. lurrveee it. wanna have one.


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