Happy Holidays from our family to yours!!!

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Hello All!!!!

It's been awhile since I've done anything new on my blog. My youngest daughter already complained to me recently that I haven't made any updates. This is the only way she can get more updates from us back home aside from the phone calls. Well, honestly speaking, the cold weather usually makes me want to cuddle more with a blankie and just do nothing at all but seat on the couch, watch TV, eat and sleep... Hey, don't be judging me now. Most of the animal kingdom are in hibernation at this time of the year, so why can't we humans do the same thing?

Visit one of the best source of information on nature, the Public Broadcasting Systems or and you will learn more. And who knew that bears lose weight during hibernation. Hah! no sweat talaga. That's one exercise program that I'd like to join.

Anyways, I've found 2 cute youtube animations one to the tune of "Run, run Rudolph" by Chuck Berry and the second one is a parody of the Beach Boys "Kokomo". Hope you haven't seen these 2 yet and get to enjoy it...

Run, run Rudolph

Santa's Goin' to Kokomo



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