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Yes, my friends, we did get some donuts from the Cider Hill Farm located in Amesbury, MA.
We only drop by to buy some donuts after coming from the bank. This time I only got a dozen since there was a line behind me also waiting to get their share. We didn't go apple picking because the weather was erratic, the sun trying to come out behind the clouds, then sudden bursts of rain soon followed. We thought, we'd come back some other time for that. We bought some pots of Mums, too (Chrysanthemums) pink and yellow in the middle.

The first 2 years after we moved to our present home, my husband planted yellow, purple, pink and white mums which were really a delight that passers by, whether they're walking or driving would slow down to enjoy the view. I will have to look for those photos to show you next time.

I guess we have to prettify (Is there such a word?) the house since my youngest daughter, Dreya, is coming home on Columbus day weekend (Oct. 7-10th) and she's going to bring along some new friends that she had made in school who are from out-of-state.

*Photos borrowed from the web. Thanks!


in fact i liked your site

very soft and nic phots

When my mom was still alive, she loves mums, especially the pink and yellow ones. Kaya nga when we visit her grave, we bring those flowers for her ;)

Apple picking? Ay gusto ko rin nyan!

mmmm donuts

wow nice flowersss!!


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