Autumn in Massachusetts

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T'is fall once again, the season where time seems to try to stand still to prepare for the upcoming winter months. Mother Nature truly knows that fall should be the perfect introduction to winter. It slowly eases us towards getting ready for the changes that are about to happen in the coming weeks.... the weather, the landscape and even the overall emotions that subtly pervades the atmosphere.

I wanted to go apple picking yesterday but the weather was so rainy, that not even the thought of warm apple cider doughnuts can get me out there. Honestly, these donuts taste better than any doughnuts sold in the big chain donut shops... Hmmmm, seems to be getting nice outside now. See, if I can get my husband excited about going out and do some grocery shopping and who knows hopefully get my donuts (wink... wink)

*I borrowed the Autumn landscape photo from Andy's Lens. Visit the site for more captivating photos of Massachusetts.


yay! donuts! :)

Have a great autumn season! hehe


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