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My blogger friend Sasha made a comment on my cbox recently that I love to read and asked me what books I have. This blog will be in response to her query.

Yes Sasha,you are right in your observation that I do love to read for reading has brought me a lot in life that a lifetime lived wouldn't be enough to experience. I guess one can safely say that we vicariously live through the characters of the story, feel whatever emotions being depicted and sometimes come out a little bit different after the last sentence has been read.

As for the books that I have, I have listed them at Library Thing which anyone interested and curious enough can browse. I don't have all my books listed as of yet, since I still have to make a complete inventory. I am able to list only a few and all the books listed are books that I actually own and have in my possession.

Most of my books are about metaphysics, the occult, spirituality, healing, Eastern and Western religion, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Science and other alternative reads (I call them alternative because it is not usually accepted in the mainstream). Of course, I still do read fiction but only at certain times if I get too drowned with the heavy stuff.

Right now I am halfway through this book, "2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl" written by Daniel Pinchbeck (read here for excerpt courtesy of This is a recent release and I just had to borrow it when I saw this in our public library.

To quote what's written on the front flap: "This literary and metaphysical epic unifies the cosmological phenomena of our time - from crop circles to quantum mechanics to the worldwide resurgence of shamanism - in support of the Mayan prophesy that the year 2012 portends an unprecedented global shift."

There is also a link to the LA Weekly about a written article of Daniel's book. For those who haven't heard of what the year 2012 signifies, I would refer you to this site, aptly named 2012 Unlimited. If what you are reading resonates with you, then read on.... If not, just leave the site and go on your merry way.



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