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Sep 9, 2006 - 17 Photos

Last Sunday Sept. 10th, we celebrated Doms'and Dreya's birthday together with a brunch from the Wiggins Tavern at the Hotel Northampton at Northampton, MA. Thank God it turned out to be a nice day since we had rain for most of the past few days. Though we just saw our 2 girls a week ago but it seems like it was ages since we've seen each other. It was a nice treat for us to be together though brief it was.

We opted to have brunch since Karrol had to be back to school at 3:00 PM for her first get-together in Glee Club.

I chose the Wiggins Tavern which is located at The Hotel Northampton after a thorough search online for a decent place to have brunch in town. Luckily, this place was located within walking distance from Dominique's school and we could just enjoy a leisurely stroll from her place towards the hotel... that is if plans go accordingly. However, since we were running out of time (we have to leave Northampton by 12:30) my husband decided to drive and it was just really so close....

According to one review that I found, the Wiggins Tavern was voted the best brunch in the valley and they also have a sign that says so but taking self-promotion aside, this is something that I have to experience myself.

We entered thru the back door coming from the parking lot and it wasn't really that bad because you can already feel the ambience that the hotel is trying to show off to its guests. It has an old charm to it and it doesn't have the feel of big hotels and the bland atmosphere of chain hotels.

The Tavern in itself exudes an old-world charm like you've been transported in the 1800s with its brick walls, wood-planked floorings, oriental rugs and the huge fireplace makes for a very comfortable setting to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Though the ceiling to the Tavern is low but this adds to the cozy and warm atmosphere.

Even before you get past the host/receptionist your sight will be greeted by the buffet table which is really filled with choices galore of breakfast and lunch fares. We were brought to our reserved table fast enough and our waitress was attentive to our needs. While at the buffet table, it was hard to choose since everything looks so temptingly delicious. Needless to say, everything that we had was really excellent and like my husband said, he still has to taste something bad.

For a list of their Sunday Brunch, here it is:

Assorted Danished, Muffins, Scones & Croissants

Bagels with Assorted Cream Cheeses

Sliced Smoked Salmon

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Display

Eggs Benedict

Fresh Scrambled Eggs

Assorted Quiche

Strawberry & Blueberry Blintzes

Breakfast Potatoes

Bacon & Sausage

Belgium Waffle Station

Carving Stations of Two Items

Omelet Station

Whole Poached Salmon

Chef's Garden Salad with Several Toppings

Seasonal Vegetables

Variety of Luncheon Entrees: Chicken, Beef, Pork or Fish

Potatoes & Rice Pilaf

Array of Cold Salads

Bountiful Dessert Array

Assorted Chilled Fruit Juices

Coffee, Tea, Herbal Teas & Brewed Decaffeinated Coffee

The restaurant quickly filled up with hotel guests and visitors while we were there. The flurry of activities from the waitstaff is truly an indication that the place is really well known and liked. Also, not only was our waitress very attentive to us but also the busboys and other restaurant staff always coming over to ask if we need anything else. Though at times it can be frustrating especially if you have a mouthful of food and trying to answer them along with a smile....but you can't really say anything bad for their service.

So, if you ever find yourself in the Northampton, MA area, I would highly recommend The Wiggins Tavern for brunch dining. Also, if they can make brunch this good I am betting that lunch and dinner fares are also excellent.



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