Happy Mother's Day!!!

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I'd like to take this opportunity to greet all mothers and grandmothers a "Happy Mother's Day".

This is my 3rd day of blogging and I think that this is a good opportunity to invite my loved ones and friends to my blogspot. If I can summon enough courage this would be the best place for me to share all family updates.

Rain has been pounding here in our part of heaven for days now. Such a good time to read, watch tv/movies, eat or maybe the best part is sleep. Mmmm... I guess I'll do that later. It's too yucky to go out and celebrate mother's day. Anyway, we can always celebrate anytime... we don't need any excuse to go out and eat or shop or have fun. It always is nice to do things spontaneously, isn't it?

Anyway, big D (also known as big ninong), has to pick up eldest daughter K at her dorm. She had to stay overnight in order to perform in the college's baccalaureate (yesterday) and graduation (today) ceremony. K is with the school's glee club and just recently joined the handbell choir, too. She's also in the dance club and for sometime, was also in the Step club (would you believe the only non-black and Asian member). Thank God she followed our advice to make her college experience as varied and memorable as possible by not limiting her activities to only the academics but also get involve in the other extra-curricular activities offered in school. I strongly believe that these activities provide an individual a strong foundation for their self-esteem and personality development. I have 2 girls and my wish for them is that they would be strong independent women ready to take on the challenges of this ever changing world. Now wouldn't this be also the dream that most mothers would want for their daughters?

My youngest daughter, D, is graduating highschool and will be a freshman this fall. Like her eldest sister, she also chose to go to an all girls college. From what was explained to us, the parents, it would provide them with less distractions if there weren't any boys around.... good point! I guess no parent would argue with that. Having had boys in class since elementary I guess made them think that it's time to buckle down and concentrate on their studies.

My sister M and her husband KK will also be sending their first child, B, to college this year. She will be attending the most prestigious university in their part of heaven, UP Diliman. I haven't been back in the Philippines for awhile now so I really don't know what the younger generation think of it. According to my sister, my niece was kinda disappointed that she wouldn't be able to attend her first choice which is Ateneo. I was floored, because everybody in the country knows what it's like to be a UP graduate. But anyways, I guess it has already been settled that she'll go to UP. B, good luck to you and study hard. UP D is well-known and highly respected around the world and once you graduate form there, people in the know will look at you with respect and awe.

I have always believe in my heart, that life is what you make of it. It doesn't matter whether you had more of the good life growing up or barely making it everyday. It is what we choose to do later on in life that makes the difference between success and failure.

Ciao for now...



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