The Fall (2008)

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New Year 2014 came to us quietly with not a lot of fanfare and spent it only with the most important people in my life. After the usual Media Noche, hubby and I settled down to our multi-tasking activities; watching the on-going new year's day extravaganza tv shows while at the same time surfing the net and catching up on FB activities, family & friends. While surfing, I found this list of metaphysical movies which included the movie "The Fall". For some reason, the title peaked my curiosity so I began to checked out youtube and to my delight a "full movie" version is available free to watch online which I embedded here. The movie is truly amazing from the luscious scenery to the very natural child actress, Catinca Untaru. The movie is the obsession & passion of writer & director, Tarsem Singh, who financed his movie himself. I have added some links here with wonderful reviews and some backstories shared by the director which are as mesmerizing as the movie itself. Enjoy!



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