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Daughter Karrol is now also a contributing writer for a new online site called "AATheory". AA stands for Asian-American and this site was created by Ellie Lee (of Ellie Meets Talent), who together with other recruited AA writers, serve to feature and highlight Asian-Americans in their field of  greatness and accomplishments and bring them together in one online reader site. Check out AATheory's online presence and also one of Karrol's article on Justin Chon.

Anybody who has accidentally stumbled upon asian websites or blogs created by young asian teens would notice the cute factor and the almost narcissistic contents of their sites. However, as these young asians grew up especially those who are living outside of Asia, a growing voice of Asian-Americans or A-Canadians, or A-British and others, are getting louder, wanting to be not only seen, but most of all, be heard. And in light of this restlessness, the world wide web has served as the venue for our young kids to be noticed. Currently, the popularity and meteoric rise of Asian entertainers, most notably, those from Korea and Taiwan (in part due to the popularity of Asian dramas) has spawned the Asian craze. We should not also forget the contribution of Asian athletes that has brought admiration and respect for their accomplishments. Now it is cool for Asian kids to admire asian actors, athletes, singers, etc. embracing anything asian from food, to clothing, to Hello Kitty (& other new toy characters), to Manga, to Anime and so on and so forth.

Asian traditions and customs which were once disdained and unappreciated by the young ones is now gaining relevance and importance in an Asian's search for their identity, an identity which was never really lost or gone, but just hidden away, to be found in time when the individual is ready to embrace who they really are. And despite of the influence and confluence of two cultures in one's upbringing, one realizes that they can never escape their asian-ness.



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Big hugs and lots of kisses to my daughter, Karrol, for re-designing my blogsite. She is responsible for making my blog look cool... If you want to check out her own blog, visit K-Dream Palace and her contributing articles at AATheory.