Thank you, Giein

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My friend Giein has left me a very nice message on her website, Korean Paper Arts. Thank you, Giein, for your words of encouragement and for reminding me once again that like nature itself, some things have to go to give way for the new.

An excerpt from her message:

'Did you see a dead tree which doesn't have a wound?
A flower which blooms on a young tree is beautiful.
But a flower which blooms on a old tree is marvelous.
The life going one step forward without a fear is beautiful.
That's why a dead tree is beautiful.'

I thank you my friend for your words of wisdom. As always, you share with me your wealth of knowledge and understanding as only a true friend can give.


Thank you so much.
People who like flowers are all good.
You are the person who give out fragrant like flowers.
Wasn't I so infrequent?



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