Nina Paley and her "Sita Sings the Blues"

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I don't know where to begin.... should I talk about the creator first or should I introduce her body of work first? Yes, the proverbial chicken vs the egg mystery. However, in the end I decided to talk about Nina Paley first since there would be nothing of her masterpiece without the artist's imagination and rendition of her creation.

Nina Paley describes herself as America's Best-Loved Unknown Cartoonist". She has made some recognizable cartoons, one of which is called "Fetch". However, her recent masterpiece which I believe will put her name in the map of notable and respected cartoonist as well as a high-caliber artist is a movie done in complete animation and is entitled "Sita Sings the Blues".

"Sita Sings the Blues: The Greatest Break-up Story Ever Told" intersperses between the mythical story of the Ramayana (India's well-known epic together with the Mahabharata) and the author/illustrator/cartoonist's own life story. Having earned laudable praises when it was shown in film festivals in 2008, it is slowly getting into the movie cinema mainstream with the help of WNET (a PBS channel in New York) who have screened it on their channel, Boston's Museum of Fine Arts movie offerings and other creative means that the author could do to make her work known. A DVD is also in the works for future distribution.

A lot has already been said about this movie but one review that I love was from Roger Ebert who eloquently described this movie by capturing all of its essence as a cinematic genius.

Right now the movie is being shown on WNET's Reel 13 site for free. Some people who have watched this before has mentioned that it was better viewing it on the big screen. If you want to watch it, click here. This will be one movie worth-watching.


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