Rin on the Rox

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Another sensation causing a buzz in youtube nowadays is the duo called "Rin on the Rox". The duo, Erin and Roxanne, are both Filipino-Americans residing in California. On Ellen's show, they were introduced as singers singing in the bathroom and this causes the viewers to laugh but once you hear these ladies sing, there is really nothing to laugh about but instead one is caught in awe of their amazing voices and beautiful harmonizing.

On February 3rd, they're invited to appear on Ellen's show but I am guessing that this will only be for the taping of Ellen's show which will be shown on TV at a later date. It really is a treat to watch people sharing their talents and give big time and overpaid stars a run for their money.

This is only one of their videos so check them out in youtube or myspace.

Also, watch Ellen's parody of the girls singing in the bathroom. I surely found it funny... if you've watched some of their videos, you will notice that Ellen tried to copy their mannerisms, too.



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