No Reservations in the Philippines

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Hurray!!! My wish has been finally fulfilled... Anthony Bourdain finally filmed an episode of his famous show, No Reservations, in the Philippines and it is showing here on the Eastern US, Monday, 02/16/2009. I know that last year he had a contest asking his fans to send in their videos explaining why Anthony should go to their respective motherlands to experience their native country's' hospitality, culture and most especially, the food.

After I believe, hundreds of entries that the production show received, they settled on 4 likely finalists. One of them is this Pinoy, named Augusto. Of course, I rooted for Augusto not only because he reminded me so much of my cousin Ray, but mainly because I wanted Anthony to experience Filipino culture (the scenes, the people and the under appreciated culinary offerings) which is reflective of the country's history and the various indigenous and foreign influences that has evolved into the country's cuisine. I was hoping that Anthony's show would put my home country in a positive light.

Unfortunately, they discovered that Augusto does not have much experience with Philippine culture since he was (I think) born here in the US and his only brief encounter with the Philippines was when he went back for a week for reasons unknown.

So this didn't sit well with the show's producers and possibly, Anthony himself. I think that they even thought that Augusto was only after the free round-trip airfare that the show would gladly pay for his troubles. So instead, they chose the only lady contestant from Saudi Arabia. I must say that show in Saudi Arabia was truly awesome and gave its viewers an insight to Saudi Arabia that is rarely shared to the outside world.

But now, Anthony's made it to the Philippines and I'm glad that he has Claude Tayag, a well-known gourmand and restaurateur (Bale Dutung), as one of his guides. Anthony's in good hands and hopefully, the Philippine food experience won't be compromise.

I can't wait to see the show and listen to what Anthony has to say about my native land...


This sounds interesting...
Would love to know his experience ....

Great blog Ate Serey :-)


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