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This blog was supposed to come out the day after my hubby had his b-day but unfortunately, I didn't get past the title of my entry and so it stayed that way for 4 weeks. Four weeks, can you believe that??????

But anyway, the entry is supposed to be addressed to all relatives and friends who sent their well-wishes to my hubby and since I am the one who usually takes care of all this social obligations I decided to put it here on blog so that I won't have to be answering each email individually. It seems that the minutes, hours, days and months have become shorter and there is not enough time to do all what we humans are supposed to do and here I am also a victim of time.

Since our wedding anniversary, hubby's birthday and daughter Dominique's birthday are just a week apart, we celebrated in the usual way: eat out. I love this idea and now that my 2 daughters have jobs, they picked up the tab too, which makes it more sweet.

To all our loved ones who sent their birthday greetings, hubby and Dominique sends you their love..... until next year



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