Spandau Ballet's "True" or PM Dawn's "Set Adrift in Memory Bliss"

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I had Spandau Ballet featured before in my blog early on and also featured some of my fave music from the band. True being my top choice always brings some sort of nostalgic feelings that would automatically make me stop on my tracks or whatever it is that I'm in the middle of and just drift towards the time when the song became known to me. Hmm! right now I can't think whether something significant was going on during that time in my life. Maybe, I'll have to ponder on that some other time but for now, let this video take you back in time...

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However, in the early 1990s, a hip-hop/R&B group P.M. Dawn sampled Spandau Ballet's True and titled it Set Adrift in Memory Bliss. I guess that with this version, there was not any quarrel on the remake since Tony Hadley, Spandau's front singer even appeared in a cameo role in their video. I'm glad coz I also love this version, too. Watch for Tony near the end of the video. He still is eye candy although what's with the mullet? (Okay! okay! I had to back track myself, that must be the fashion, I guess, during that time.)

Whatever your drift is, the music and the sound is undeniably soulful. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.



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