The 11th Hour

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Another documentary movie, the likes of which drew a lot of attention and buzz about our environment was started by Al Gore. His movie, "An Inconvenient Truth" was a wake up call to all of us sharing a space on Mother Earth and whose immediate reaction to every inconvenience to anything happening in our world with just a shrug and a prayer that everything will get back to normal... soon.

However, this is really far from the truth because the reality is, despite all the world-wide attention that the movie generated, environmental action still leaves to be desired.

Now, Leonardo DiCaprio, has produced another documentary called the 11th Hour. This is another attempt at raising not only more conciousness but more of a call to action at the 11th hour. People in the know, knows that the 11th hour is too little too late, but I believe it is better to try rather than not do anything at all.



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