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I have always love peanuts and it doesn't matter in what way it is cooked; boiled, dry-roasted or deep-fried. Back in the Philippines, peanuts can be had everywhere you go, so there is really no problem when one gets hungry and you need something to tied you over till you get home and have your big lunch or dinner. Besides, who could ever resist the smell of garlic and peanuts wafting thru the air?

Here in the US, you can get the dry-roasted peanuts packaged in cans or bottles. However, I sometimes look for the boiled ones or the deep-fried but it is really hard to find it here. The only place that I can usually get it is if we sometimes visit New Jersey where there are a lot of Filipino stores and that means maybe once a year or whenever my sister-in-law comes to visit us here in Boston and she never fails to bring us a big bag or two.

So a year ago, I decided to conquer my fear of trying to make homemade fried peanuts based on my memory of watching the vendors frying it in their big woks. After the initial trial and error, I was able to make fried peanuts and confident enough to serve some when we had guests for Thanksgiving...

So now, whenever I want fried peanuts, all I have to do is make it myself.

Here's the easy recipe that you can follow:

1 lb raw peanuts (can be bought in your local Asian stores)

Garlic (lots of it and crushed)

Oil for deep-frying (high heat)

Be sure oil is really hot before adding the garlic first. Then add the peanuts.

Stir the peanuts constantly to make sure that all the nuts are cooked evenly.

Cooked for at least 15 mins or until the nuts turn a bit brown and transfer the nuts out of the oil to prevent from further cooking otherwise, they will burn. Sprinkle with salt and let cool.


wow peanuts! my latest post is about peanuts too. haha. well not exactly all about it ... but my title is. thanks for the tip.


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