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Just when you think that you've been exposed to different kinds of art and just when you think that you can't be surprised anymore in this millenium, once again, we are presented with art that has been described as amazing, incredibly life-like but not life-size, yet characteristically understated. The artist is Ron Mueck and he has been around for some time now but his art is making the rounds online recently since some of his works are being exhibited in Texas and Brooklyn, New York. Mueck's art is so realistic that he doesn't shy away from showing us what we paintakingly hide from everyone even though we all have the same physical make up and attributes. Much has been written about his work that you won't be at a lost as to finding raving and maybe a bad review or 2 against Mueck's art.

Mask (1997)

Mask II (self-portrait)

Big Man (2000) - Hirshorn Museum & Sculpture Garden in Washington, DC

Mask III (2005)

Two Women Grim (2005)

Boy (2000) - Aros Museum in Aarhaus, Denmark

Spooning Couple (2005)

Wild Man (2005)

Pregnant Woman (2002)

Giant Baby Head

A Girl



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